Atcom Fasteners

S1 Series

  The S1 series of toggle latches is produced in different forms for various applications.
The lever of the toggle fasteners is available in five forms to allow easy opening and closing of the latch in various applications.
The spring wire claw gives smooth action and tolerance in positioning the latch.
S1-B1/L1/WL26 S1-B1/L2/WLF32 S1-B1/L3/WLC28 S1-B1/L4/WLF22 S1-B1/L5/WLC28  
S1-B1-L1-WL26 S1-B1-L2-WLF32 S1-B1-L3-WLC28 S1-B1-L4-WLF22 S1-B1-L5-WLC28  
S1 Bases Technical Information        
S1 Bases Technical diagram

S1 Series


Latch Body Material

CR/2SE, 1.6 mm

304 2B Stainless, 1.6 mm

Dimension of Mounting Holes

4.2 mm

Maximum Tension S1

240 kg

Maximum Tension S1-Stainless

320 kg

S1 Levers Technical Information    
S1 Levers Technical Info