Atcom Fasteners

Wire Links

  The wire link component of the toggle latch is available in either straight, flex or claw. For example, WL49 is a straight wire link measuring 49 mm. If this wire link is flexed it becomes a WLF of 42 mm and if it is made into a claw if becomes a WLC of 28 mm.
Non standard wire links can be produced to fit our standard base-lever assembly to custom fit your application. Minimum quantities of 1000 apply.
Wire Links Technical Information                
Wire Links Technical Info   Wire Link Straight Maximum Tension Wire Link Flex Maximum Tension Wire Link Claw Claw Depth Maximum Tension
    WL20 260kg   WLF17 120 kg      
    WL20-SS 260 kg   WLF17-SS 110 kg      
    WL26 260 kg   WLF22 104 kg      
    WL26-SS 200 kg   WLF22-SS 95 kg      
    WL37 260 kg   WLF32 120 kg      
    WL37-SS 200 kg   WLF32-SS 110 kg      
    WL49 260 kg   WLF42 80 kg   WLC28 14 50 kg
    WL49-SS 200 kg   WLF42-SS 50 kg   WLC22-SS 14 36 kg
    WL60 260 kg   WLC32 14 50 kg
    WL60-SS 200 kg       WLC32-SS 14 41 kg
    WL71 260 kg       WLC42
41 kg
50 kg
    WL71-SS 200 kg       WLC50-SS 18 36 kg
    WL82 260 kg       WLC60 18 50 kg
    WL94 260 kg       WLC60
32 kg
36 kg
50 kg
      NOTE: The figures for the Wire Link Claw were obtained by pulling directly from an 8 mm diameter rod; the Wire Link Straight and Wire Link Flex directly from a catch-plate
      Material: Bright spring wire, range 2, ASA 1472, 2.24 diameter
             304 spring temper stainless steel, 2.24 diameter
Wire Link Hook WLH In addition is the wire link hook (WLH) which is very useful when reaching forward. The standard hook is 5 mm, the same WLC can be extended to 10 mm. It can also be used as a Link Flex for additional flexing. Available in the following sizes: 21, 33, 44, 55, 66 and 78 mm.